educational goals

The university sports center of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg not only provides an animating balance to your studies through the different sports courses offerd. The educational content inherent in the respective sport / exercise is deliberately conveyed.

These are:

  • the imparting of sport-specific knowledge and training methods
  • the acquisition, expansion and protection of diverse movement experiences
  • the increase in physical performance and the associated improvement in physical, psychological and social well-being
  • recognition of athletic performances as part of health
  • versatile application of one’s own physical abilities and tendencies
  • integration of forms of exercise, relaxation and regeneration in a healthy lifestyle
  • Experience exercises to maintain health as a lifelong need
  • Maintaining and developing motoric skills and their underlying organ systems (musculoskeletal system, nervous system, metabolic system) through targeted exercises
  • Gathering of physical and material experiences in sports games and competitions
  • Get to know the spatial and temporal design of movements and the appropriate use of physical strength
  • make use of the body and movement as a means of expression
  • Acquisition of knowledge and a certain variety of methods as well as social skills and thus creating the conditions to contribute as a multiplier to the maintenance of a social climate in society